Trafficlear’s top tips for staying safe on Bonfire Night…

On the 23rd July, Tracey Couch, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Chatham & Aylesford stood up in The House of Commons and moved the following motion “That this House has considered roadside recovery vehicles and the use of red lights.”

• Don’t go too close to the bonfire – always stay five metres back from the fire at least. If there is a safety ring around the bonfire, this should be an ideal mark to stay behind.

• Wear bright clothing – you want to be seen in the dark! To be seen in the dark is essential if people are letting fireworks off or if they are using sparklers. Firework and sparkler users will not light them too close to you and put you or anybody else in danger if you are visible. If not bright clothing make sure it is protective clothing that you are wearing, for example coats, gloves, hats and scarfs.

• When setting off sparklers, make sure that you only light one at once. Also make sure they are an arms width away and that you are wearing gloves. Don’t give sparklers to anyone under the age of 5!!

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• Don’t throw fireworks that haven’t gone off properly on the bonfire – they may eventually explode! Other things to avoid putting on a bonfire are petrol, paraffin, flammables and batteries.

• Keep a bucket of water handy if you are setting off fireworks and/or having a bonfire. You never know when things can go wrong and you may need it!!

• Before lighting, it is important that all animals are kept indoors and are not around the bonfire at any point. Also check for children and animals in the bonfire before lighting – you never know who may be playing hide and seek!!!

• Make sure if you have a baby they are safe, maybe ear protectors for the loud bangs. Don’t light sparklers when holding a baby, the baby may either be scared or may get burnt.

• Last of all, make sure that the main fire is out and everyone is safe before leaving the bonfire area. Pour water on spent fireworks.