September 2017 – News

I hope you’ve enjoyed a good summer. I thought it timely to send a quick update prior to what we all hope will be a busy period up to the year end.

Staff & Contacts

We are pleased to announce that Chloe Gill our Office Coordinator has successfully completed her Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and Social Media, despite the fact that a high proportion of her time was spent running all the company administration. During her apprenticeship she achieved the accolade of ‘Apprentice of the Year’ from her training provider, rightfully chosen from over 620 apprentices.

As from 8th September, Chloe will be promoted to Operations Manager and will start an Apprenticeship Degree to achieve a BA (Hons) Business Management Professional Degree in 4 years time.

I’m sure you will agree with us that our communication and professionalism has greatly increased since Chloe started here just over a year ago.

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We are equally pleased to announce the arrival of 21 years old, Conor Fishwick as Technical Apprentice. Conor will complete a 12 -18 month apprenticeship in Automotive Electrical before studying as a degree apprentice. He will be a ‘mini-me’ for our Technical Director, Dave Roberts, so should be a brilliant asset as we continue to grow; especially in our determination to maintain our high level of technical customer support and service.

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New Products

Ideatec R&D staff have been very busy over the last 12 months resulting in a plethora of new products.

The VigiLink is a truly versatile small touch screen controller, that is easily and quickly programmable to deliver just what a customers needs. It is originally designed for smaller, simpler, emergency vehicles and has a built in siren amp plus a CAN output, allowing the VigiLink to completely control, for example, a Whelen Wecan lightbar; therefore allowing the six positive outputs to be used for powering products other than the lightbar.

Here in the UK the VigiLink has found a home in the amber market, proving a reliable controller for vehicles such as recovery trucks and vans, plus welfare and highway vehicles.

The IDC-HD range is a product developed from two existing products, resulting in a versatile, high output small controller, developed quite quickly to a UK requirement. (link to IDC-HD online). Currently being installed into a major fleet’s smaller vans, we believe the IDC-HD will prove a very popular product for vehicle converters and fleet users alike.

The GO112 power module has been modified to include two power feeds, one to the main brain, which is fed from a chassis battery and the other used to power the outputs, which is fed from an auxiliary battery. This ensures the GO112 is always alive, even when auxiliary batteries are exhausted. This will be a major benefit for end-users in the emergency services, highways and recovery markets who demand reliability and continuity of electrical power in their vehicles.

ADI The core of the GO112 family is the touch screens and power modules, with up to 40 positive outputs. However, the strength of the GO112 family is the peripheral products that add connectivity, knowledge and superior management. One such product is the ADI (Analogue to Digital Interface), which accepts information about pressures, volumes, temperatures etc and graphically displays them onto a GO112 screen. Invaluable in ambulances, recovery trucks and vehicles where the supply of such things as oxygen, pneumatic air and certain fluids may be mission critical.

Not all these new products are on the Ideatec website yet, so please call us for a demo on 01484 817898.

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Demo Van

Talking of demo’s; we have now completed the first phase of our demonstrator, which is already proving invaluable when we explain to existing customers and new prospects the breadth and versatility of the Ideatec range. Thanks in particular to the following companies for their support with this project:

Woodway Engineering for lightbar, grille lights and scene lights; Labcraft for interior lighting; Wilderness for specialist white lighting; Dometic / Defa for charging and heating products; and of course Ideatec for control equipment.

Andy Earnshaw – Operations Director