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Here at Trafficlear we are frequently asked many many questions about the business, from very detailed, technical queries to simple ‘yes / no’ answer ones. So here we have tried to give you an understanding of what to expect from us as a business: What can you do for me? Trafficlear’s target is not to.

What can you do for me?
Trafficlear’s target is not to solve all the world’s problems. It is to help make the lives of vehicle converters and fleet manager’s much easier. We do this by ensuring we have a good angle on the market – new products, current trends etc; for example, products that complement our existing portfolio. Then when we visit a customer who has a challenge (we don’t call them problems these days !), we assess whensemble composer votre GO 112ether we are likely to have a product to offer or if not. We usually know a product that would do the job.

Our existing Ideatec product range includes small switch modules for simpler vehicles such as tool vans, to more sophisticated large programmable controllers with a variety of switch panels, touch screens and auxiliary products. These sophisticated controllers are ideal for vehicles such as ambulances, welfare vehicles, highways vehicles etc; in other words where automation and safety are important factors.

Our other products include Whelen lightbars, beacons, grille lights etc, probably the best in the world; plus our own robust and highly effective Trafficlear range of Arrow Boards and variable message signs (VMS), which will be officially launched 3Q17 into the Highways market..

What does your ‘Fit and Forget’ policy mean?
Here at Trafficlear we live by the ethos of ‘fit and forget’. We want our customers to fit the products that we distribute onto vehicles and be able to forget about them because the products are so durable and work so well in the vehicles. This is our biggest aim because despite offering consistent and high quality technical support, we would never want our products to be anything less than perfect, especially on high dependency vehicles, such as emergency services vehicles, who’s availability is crucial.

Why is Trafficlear different?
At Trafficlear, we’re not box-shifters with a closed mind-set, we are open-minded and adaptable. By adaptable, we mean that we listen to what fleet managers or vehicle convertors need and want, then try and find solutions to any ‘challenge’ in their electrical production or vehicle functionality. We are real people, with knowledge, experience and ideas; so when you call us or drop us a quick email, a real person will be at the other end to respond to you, with enthusiasm, as soon as possible. We work hard to get new customers and we work just as hard to keep them; which is why we don’t lose any !!

Who / What is Ideatec? Image result for ideatec belgium
Ideatec is our main product line and includes all sizes of simple and intelligent programmable switches, controllers and power modules; plus lots of additional products that act as input or output devices, such as analogue to digital converters (to communicate volumes, temperatures, weights etc), vehicle speed sensors, temperature controllers, voice feedback interface and several more to provide complete solutions.

Ideatec was founded by Philippe Migeot (CEO) in Belgium who also owns the Luxembourg company PM Tec. Ideatec is based in Fernelmont, Belgium near Charleroi, Brussels South Airport. The company is an intelligent controls manufacturer; Trafficlear is the UK Distributor for Ideatec. Our Technical Director, Dave Roberts works closely with Philippe and his team to ensure that Ideatec and Trafficlear are at the forefront of technological advancements, regarding the needs of our vehicle converter customers and their fleet manager end-users.

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