System Design

Whether for a recovery truck, emergency, commercial or recreational vehicle, making sure all your systems not only talk to each other but also to the base vehicle requires careful planning.

We are experts in lighting system design, making sure your warning lights, spotlights, work lights, etc all work together, in sync, and without each function detracting from that of another.  

Involve us from an early project stage and we can help you ensure your base vehicle is specified with the correct options to make your conversion easier.   

We will then: 

  • Establish the vehicle specification.
    This could be anything from flashing lights on the roof to 10KVa of 230V power, compressed air, water, etc.  Is there anything else you intend to add through a contractor or internal departments such as radio systems, navigation, or measuring equipment. We ask this so we can account for these items to be installed later and make it as easy as possible for you.    
  • Work out your power requirements.
    According to the information you gave us and the products we have specified to meet them.  
  • Identify any equipment connections required
  • Propose a solution. 


This will include build time, deliverables, and cost outcomes.   

If required we can help you commission a first prototype and test it to make sure your requirements are met. For further units, you will receive a single package with all the components, assembled as far as you have requested us to. All on one order, all looked after by us.   

Using Trafficlear’s Electrical/Power System Design Service will speed up your conversion and save you money in the long run.