Welcome To Trafficlear

Trafficlear is a manufacturer and distributor of vehicle electrical control systems and hazard warning lighting; it is the Company’s goal to best represent itself, suppliers and associated products, in order to deliver the maximum return on investment possible from it’s three key markets of Highways, Recovery and Emergency Services, primarily within the UK, but also via exports.

We will do this by investing in exceptional young people, training them to become best of breed in their field, in order that the company can gain overall market competitive advantage by delivering levels of Quality, Knowledge, Value and Fairness that can’t be achieved by its competitors.

What we do:

We provide simple to highly intelligent, touch screen, programmable controllers; LED warning lights, highways arrow boards and VMS; plus highly secure cameras and recording  systems for all sizes, types and different uses of vehicles.

Products are lightbars, grille / surface mount lights, beacons, scene lights, hi-visibility LED lights for extreme conditions and touch screen intelligent switches, 4 way to over 40 way – and interior fit-outs. These also include our very own light arrow and VMS panels and also a camera and recording system range.


The GO112 family of products offers a complete power management system integrating with your own Windows® touchscreen, or its dedicated touchscreen console and switch panel range. It can link in with one of many GO112 interfaces to connect to message panels, VMS, sirens, voice modules, analogue inputs such as gas pressures, liquid temperature, angle sensors etc


The DS2 combines front and rear high-definition video recording, optional fleet telematics and vehicle operating data to produce a compact, economical driver and vehicle monitoring system. This camera system is specifically built for fleets, but is also usable in a single vehicle environment.

Arrow Board

Trafficlear’s Arrow Board is mainly used at the rear of highway vehicles to replace a 610 keep left/right arrow to increase visibility over a greater distance. These products are proudly made locally in Huddersfield, UK.

Manufacturers who we represent include: