FirstLine Recovery Volkswagen Crafter

Another beautiful First Line Recovery vehicle, all complete! 

When Trafficlear receives an enquiry for a bespoke vehicle conversion, we excel at guiding the customer through their conversion with ourselves and make them feel at ease when having their installation completed by Trafficlear 

We take time to draw up a full specification agreed by the customer, understanding their uses for the vehicle and needs of their operators

This Volkswagen Crafter has been completed to a high specification, with a full electrical system designed, installed and configured, with 12V, 24V, and 230V power on board with full battery charging and inverting by Victron Energy.

On the outside, the vehicle has been fitted with chrome bars and marker lights from Jimbars, which we have integrated into the Ideatec control system and to the vehicle turn signals for enhanced visibility.  In the grille we have fitted four Soundoff Signal mpower perimeter lights, which being dual colour amber and white, can be used for both vehicle warning lights and white scene lighting.  These mpower perimeter lights also have a function called “flash over cruise” which lets us configure the lights to work as cruise lights and to flash at the same time.

On the roof are two Soundoff Signal nForce NXT lightbars in an amber white with rear red configuration. These 54” bars are the perfect width for large vans such as the Crafter. The rear lightbar is configured to use stop tail and turn lights in the bar, as well as both bars having the flash over cruise setting, as mentioned earlier.

On the rear of the vehicle there are two more Soundoff Signal mpower perimeter lights in red, amber and white configuration, which can be used as cruise lights, flashing amber lights, flashing red lights, and as white scene illumination and reversing aids.

Down the sides and on the rear doors of the vehicle are Whelen scene lights, providing a safe and illuminated working area on all sides of the vehicle, these lights will also turn on when the driver or passenger open the side doors to ensure that the area is lit before they step outside, reducing tripping over unseen hazards that would normally be in the dark.

The Ideatec Polaris controls all the auxiliary equipment on the vehicle, from the Victron battery chargers and 3kVA inverter, to the intelligent switching of the interior and exterior white lighting. There is a touchscreen mounted in the cab of the vehicle so the operator can access all functions they need whilst responding to the incident, and there is a touchscreen installed by the side door on the vehicle so there is not a need to be climbing back into the driving seat every time you need to turn a light on!

A specific request from this customer was the function of being able to leave the engine running on the vehicle, but whilst the operator could remove the keys and walk away locking the vehicle, to achieve this, we have partnered with Speedsignal to use their advanced runlock system, which completely fills the needs of the customer.

Labcraft flux scene lights have been used on the interior of the vehicle, unfortunately the racking and lining are yet to be completed on this vehicle and so we are unable to get full pictures of these.

To ensure the operator has a safe and illuminated working space in the back of the vehicle, we have fitted four Labcraft Flux interior lights, with the option of having a red interior light for those dark nights when you want to keep your eyes adjusted to the dark, also has the added benefit of attracting less insects on those humid summer nights.

It’s important to maintain levels of hygiene when working in the recovery industry, so there will be a Transvend handwash fitted on the rear door of the vehicle, this will be fitted when the racking has been installed.

The specification and programming was finalised by our very own Systems Engineer, Conor Fishwick.

If you would like to find out more about the bespoke installations that we do here at Trafficlear, contact Doug Fairlie on 01484 817898 or