Product Description:

“SpeedFitter” is the software that was designed specifically to configure the GO-112.

It’s simple to use, user-friendly, being designed with the GO112 functionality in mind, so that you can quickly programme products. It has already been used to programme hundreds of GO112 products.

First, create your programme on a PC using drag and drop images and functions, then attach either a GO112 Power Module or Touch Screen via a USB cable; then with a click, the programme is transferred to the attached product.

Once the programme is installed on a power module or screen it can be easily and quickly transferred via 2 clicks to other GO112 products for use either on the same vehicle or on vehicles that will run the same software.

SpeedFitter incorporates all of the functions required by a GO112 to manage the power output for all vehicle ancillary products; plus a simulator allowing a full preview of the programme is included.

It allows you to print out a clear, detailed report of the programme at any time. Once the programme is created and saved, it can quickly be installed on multiple devices via a USB cable.

The software is updated regularly to cope with any situation, and also undergoes frequent improvements.

There is a charge for SpeedFitter, but once purchased, SpeedFitter is free to update via the Ideatec website by clicking on the ‘Live Update’ which is built into the software. 

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