Product Description:

The powerful Ideatec MC8HD is a small, versatile programmable controller that has one 8 key switch panel controlling up to 12 positive outputs and 2 negative outputs. With a total amperage output of 2 x 40 Amps, the MC8HD offers 11 x 15A outputs and 1 x 25A output.

Key features include:

  • Single bus cable between switch panel and power module reducing installation time
  • No fuses or relays, also reducing installation time
  • Openload, short circuit or over current warning
  • Interlock functions, for blue lights and siren (or other linked devices)
  • Automatic standby function (via the ignition key)
  • Configurable via the switch panel keyboard or via PC software
  • Multiple on/off via a single key
  • Battery monitoring and configurable load shedding.
  • Management of the auxiliary battery coupling.
  • Arrow stick control for directing traffic
  • Provided with a collection of pictograms

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