The voice feedback messages are totally configurable and are simply wav files queued and held on the VFI module – so different messages, different languages, even sounds to scare birds at an airport can all be utilised.


The Ideatec MFI is an interface designed to control multi functional products, such as the Trafficlear Variable Message Sign, which displays a range of customer required images.


The OpenLink could be used to allow third party systems to receive streamed data from or to interrogate the 4000 event data log held on the GO112 central module.


The Ideatec ADI is designed as an interface for reading up to 8 analog signals. It then allows the display of configurable gauges on GO-112 or VigiLink touch screens.


It’s simple to use, user-friendly, being designed with the GO112 functionality in mind, so that you can quickly programme products. It has already been used to programme hundreds of GO112 products.