The IDC HD is one of Ideatec’s newest and most versatile products. It can be used with three different keypads, T8, 8 Key and 4 Key.

Product Description:

The IDC-HD provides a multitude of new functions
• Multiplexing system
• Compact and robust central unit
• Optional pre-wired harnesses
• Can be fully configured via the keyboard or Console Express software
• 5 static & protected outputs +15A each (+1 special +20A)
• Configurable current limitation
• Integrated flasher functions
• Intelligent and configurable power management
• Configurable scenes
• 2 auxiliary negative outputs, 4 inputs available on IDC HD 4 Key
• Displays faults such as overloads or short circuits
• Overload & Overcurrent protection
• Reverse polarity protection
• Automatisation, standby mode control and black lit keys
• Provided with a collection of pictograms
• Adjustable foot mounting
• Operating voltage : from +9VDC to +30VDC

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