GO112 Flat Switch Panel

Many of our customers requested Ideatec to provide a simpler input unit for the GO112 to save space and cost against using a touch screen. The result is the very smart-looking range of Flat Switch Panels, which flush or surface mount to provide easy switching in space-restricted areas.

The GO112 is the POLARIS’ predecessor and was one of Trafficlear’s best sellers. In January 2019, the POLARIS took the GO112’s place, however the GO112 still has many original features that customers want from a product, even today.

Product Description

Up to three Flat Switch Panels can be used to replace one touch screen on a GO112 installation, due to them being available in 4, 6 or 9 outputs, with each FSP replicating a single page of switches on a touch screen (a touch screen unit can have up to three pages, each containing a maximum of 9 buttons used as inputs or indicators).

Therefore because each GO112 system can manage up to three touch screens, a mix of touch screens and Flat Switch Panels can be utilised on each GO112 system, allowing a versatile and bespoke approach to system design.

  • Auto-electrical central unit available in sizes from 10 outputs (small) to 40 outputs (extra-large)
  • Plug and play – one BUS cable between the power module and touchscreen/ interface
  • No relays and fuses – the complete elimination of relays, increases the reliability of your electrical installations
  • Power management – battery status monitoring and configurable load shedding. Management of the coupling to the second battery
  • Dual voltage operation – operate on 12v and 24v
  • Interfaces – Interface available allowing control of auxiliary heaters and airco systems directly from the console
  • Compatible with touchscreen or flat switch panel controls
  • Each system can manage up to three touchscreens

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