M Series Light

The only patented Linear-LED ® lightheads designed to stand-up to the harsh environments and standards of the recovery industry while providing top of the line performance!

Whelen Justice Lightbar

Woodway Engineering manufactures the Whelen® Justice™ lightbar under licence to comply with European regulations and provide non-Whelen® options required by the UK and European market. This includes bespoke lengths, lighting configurations and R10 compliance. Using the latest Whelen® LED technology, a Justice™ lightbar provides an economical low profile warning package.

nROADS Fleet Series LED Lightbar

Available in Amber, Green, Red and White
Modules can be configured as single or dual color
Inboard modules are offered in single color LED modules, single color LED max modules, dual color LED modules or dual color LED max modules

mpower® Exterior Full Size Lightbar

At only 1” thick, mpower is 50% thinner than its leading competitors
The 48” lightbar model provides 50% more LEDs within its inboard modules than comparable competitive models
SoundOff Signal® collaborated with Dow Corning® to develop Clear Duty® optical module design

nFORCE NXT Lightbar

Talk to us today 01484 817898 SoundOff Signal nFORCE NXT Lightbar Manufacturer: SoundOff Signal Modules can be configured as single, dual or tricolour for maximum functionality Inboard modules are offered in single colour 6 LEDs, dual colour 12 LEDs or tricolour 18 LEDs Corner modules are offered in single colour 12 LEDs, dual colour 24 […]