Product Description:

The PPS HD is a siren amp that has an optional Public Address system.

The PPS HD/A is a polyvalent stand-alone siren amplifier, suitable for emergency vehicles

The PPS HD/B has the optional hand-held PA system microphone, so also suitable for vehicles where live voice may be required. The PPS-HD/B has the same characteristics as the PPS-HD/A, but includes a public-address function. It has an ergonomic microphone and a shielded spiral cable.

Common characteristics are:

  • More than 25 tones specific to certain countries together with US tones (wail, yelp, hi-lo, horn & phaser)
  • You are able to configure the PPS HD manually or by ConsoleExpress Software
  • 4 direct inputs (for different controls)
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Full horn control input
  • Supply Voltage: 10-30VDC
  • EMC E13*10R00*10R04*13171*00

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